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The Société française d’héraldique et de sigillographie, founded in 1937, is an independent association constituted in accordance with the French law of 1901 (non-profit association). Its purpose is to “contribute to the development of studies related to heraldry and sigillography, thanks to meetings, speeches, colloquiums, symposiums and publications” (statutes, art.2). Its members are professors, teachers, researchers, students and persons from various backgrounds interested in both auxiliary historical disciplines.

The Society regularly publishes an erudite journal, the Revue Française d’Héraldique et de Sigillographie. It presents recent research developments and also expands to other disciplines such as arts, litterature, law and the study of mentalities.
The Société française d’héraldique et de sigillographie meets in Paris every third Thursday of each month in the Salle d’albâtre of the Centre d’Accueil et de Recherche des Archives Nationales (CARAN, 11, rue des Quatre-Fils – 75003 – Paris). Free and opened to everyone, those meetings give the opportunity to hear about the activities of the Society, to evoke the news concerning heraldry and sigillography (colloquiums, publications, etc…), and to listen to one of the members’ scientific communication.
The activities of the Society also include the organisation of field days in order to discover the heraldic and sigillographic heritage of a town or a region of France (Nancy in September 2001, Rouen in September 2005). Round tables are held on commemorations (« L’Armorial général de 1696. Une source méconnue de l’histoire sociale et institutionnelle de la France d’Ancien Régime », Paris, November 23th. 1996) or exhibitions (« Sceaux et usages de sceaux. Images de la Champagne médiévale », Troyes, September 14th. 2004, and Reims, October 9th. 2004). These last years, the Society has been a partner in three colloquiums « Héraldique et Numismatique » organised by the University of Le Havre (2010-2012) and in the study day dedicated to « Reines et princesses du Moyen Âge » organised by the Archives nationales (November 22th. 2011). In June 2013, it contributed, with the University of Caen (Centre Michel de Boüard, CRAHAM – UMR 6273, CNRS), to a colloquium dedicated to sigillography in the Centre culturel international de Cerisy-la-Salle.
Each member is adressed a quarterly liaison bulletin presenting the activities program of the Society and news concerning heraldry and sigillography (publications, colloquiums, exhibitions, etc…). Those bulletins are available on line (News).
The Bureau of the Société française d’héraldique et de sigillographie is constitued as follows:


Honorary president: Michel Pastoureau
Honorary members: Alain Erlande-Brandenburg, Toni Diederich, René Laurent, Christian de Mérindol, Faustino Menéndez Pidal de Navascués, Werner Paravicini, Hervé Pinoteau, Michel Popoff.
Emeritus members: Brigitte-Miriam Bedos-Rezak, Martine Dalas, Alain-Charles Dionnet, Paul Harvey, Jean-Luc Liez, Stefania Ricci Noè.


President: Jean-Luc Chassel
General secretary: Dominique Delgrange
General undersecretaries: Arnaud Baudin, Pierre Couhault, Nicolas Vernot
Treasurer: Hélène Loyau

Commitee members: Mathias Auclair, Arnaud Baudin, Clément Blanc-Riehl, Edouard Bouyé, Pierre Couhault, Marc Gil, Laurent Hablot, Daniel Keller, Philippe Palasi, Michel Pastoureau, Emmanuel Rousseau, Christophe Rousseau-Lefebvre, Caroline Simonet, Ambre Vilain.


(1937) Joseph-Louis de Fontenay (1864- 1946)

(1946) Eugène Olivier (1881 – 1964)

(1951) Jacques Meurgey de Tupigny (1891 – 1973)

(1974) Yves Metman (1913 – 1999)

(1984) Bernard Mahieu (1920 – 1988)

(1988) Robert-Henri Bautier (1922 – 2010)

(2001) Edouard Secrétan (1917 – 2017)

(2008) Michel Pastoureau

(2017) Jean-Luc Chassel



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